Wednesday, 7 October 2009

The Tipping Point

"The Tipping Point" is a very interesting, thought provoking and inspiring book. The idea of a sudden epidemic erupting in every day life, from syphilis to fashion trends.

This book made me inspired to start my own epidemic. I now feel I know how to advertise myself as a designer and make sure I incur success in promotion of my ideas.

We were asked to complete a mind map, mapping our thoughts of the book in order to remember important points. I feel I may have mapped too much detail. My map seems to be a labyrinth of notes which I'm not sure many people would be able to read. however it has helped me immensely and I intend to use this way of studying in future.

I then made a second mind map even more in detail focusing on " 6 degrees of separation" and "connectors". This is the area of the book i found most interested in as I have researched it before and find it fascinating. I learned a lot about connectors and made my own list of connectors in my friend circle or "pyramid" rather. Interestingly I found that most of the people I know, I know because of me. Clubs I've been to classes I've taken etc. Some friends lead back to my friends Nora and Michael but I must come to the conclusion that I myself am a connector, although I never thought I would be.

All in all "The Tipping Point" has been an extremely enjoyable read in which I feel I have learned a lot from. I can now take these ideas with me on into the rest of my life.

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