Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Assignment 1

I took the learning style quiz and completely agree with the results. I was shown to be a theorist with a close second activist. Theorists are perfectionists who like things to be tidy and fit into a routine. This sums me up ! I cant function if the environment around me is messy and in my house everything has a place !. Theorists also like to analyses which is not always a good thing. I'm really good at analysing situations and solving problems ahead of time but I can sometimes Analise wrong and end up over complicating things. The activist in me loves to get involved in everything going and tries to remember to enjoy the present and tries to push out the theorist in me that thinks about the future a little too much. I'm not scared to tackle problems and love trying new things. I think the test is extremely accurate in my case.

I tried to guess what the people in my group's result would be.....

Sarah - Reflector
Scarlet - Activist
Ross - Reflector
Francis - Pragmatists
Claire - Theorist
Gillian - Reflector/Activist

In reality they were.......

Sarah - Reflector - She thought this was pretty accurate.
Scarlet - Activist  - She felt this was correct.
Ross - Pragmatists/Activist - Agrees with the findings.
Francis - Reflector  - She thought she would be pragmatists.
Claire - Activist - Thought she was more of a reflector but she can see the activist in her.
Gillian - Theorist

As a group were have a good selection of learning styles which will hopefully work to our advantage. I think knowing the different ways we work is extremely helpful for working together. It should help us be more productive in the future.


Today we had a lecture with Mike Press about the sort of things graduates go on to do after their degree. He pointed out that people from the design and arts discipline take a bit longer to get on their feet. This is because developing the relationships and knowledge to work in the design field takes time. After we graduate we still have to learn the majority of what we need to know to survive in this business. Mike showed us some research he had collected from graduates in the form of a timeline. The timeline showed us what design graduates were really doing after they graduated. Although some seemed to be unemployed they were working on business models, saving and investing in their future still. It was a few years later that the time lines were stuffed full of exiting work and the graduates were finally reaping the financial benefits of a degree in design. I started to wonder what direction my life is going in and what ill be doing when I graduate. I cant possibly know what sort of opportunities will come my way but I decided to make a rough outline of what is likely. Ive begun my timeline right from the end of high school so i can see my process more clearly.