Monday, 28 September 2009

Artificial Senses

Running fingers across and down your friends back to try and spell a word or secret out (Body Pictionary )We all did it, now scientists have developed technology to help you see with your sense of touch.

I came across this whilst researching the 5 senses for a uni project. In design the 5 senses are extremely important. Designers need to engage the user in order for them to buy their product. Whilst consumers think that design is visual, designers know that this is merely one appealing aspect. No-one is going to buy a radio covered in swed if they don't like the feel of it. I'm not going to buy a yellow laptop because yellow makes me angry, although it may calm another.

This technology could in the future help blind people fly planes, allow them to discuss visual art and find their way around new places. It is also great news for people who may need prosthetic limbs.

I found this article very interesting and hope that the technology becomes accessible and is used for great things. If not it will at least make body pictionary easier.


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