Friday, 9 October 2009

Bring Back The Buttons!

This touch screen generation should have stayed in films like Minority Report!.

I have become sick of a million and one gadgets on my phone that are badly designed and I have no idea how to use, not to mention costing me more money!

So I recently ditched my Samsung Tocco for a £14.99 Nokia 1661. It is the best phone I have ever had.

It seems that designers are putting too many gadgets into phones these days. I mean I don't really need to be able to send a picture to a friend who I will probably see in a few days. But I do, because I can!. This makes my phone bill go up and up. Its all part of a bigger plan though. Designers have done this deliberately. The more things they can make a phone do that costs money, the more money that phone is going to generate for that company which equals the more companies carrying the phone model, which means more money for the phone designers. Its a simple process. Dont get me wrong a phone that businessmen can check their emails on and organize their meeting with is great for them, just not me and probably you too. I don't know when the media infiltrated my mind and made me feel unable to have a phone which did not take better quality pictures than my camera and be doused in every form of technology able to get in there amongst the other sardines and sang and danced in every way I could desire. A mixture of clever advertising and peer pressure assumably.

With my Samsung Tocco I felt that so much energy had been focused on the touch screen function resulting with bad sound quality, awkward and badly designed display and slow running. The ear piece was tiny and even on the loudest setting sound quality was so bad I could only use it in a very quiet room, which defeats the entire purpose of a "mobile" phone. The texting function was impossible. the buttons were laid out too close together on the touch screen and I found myself changing the language by accident half way through my txt. The menu was slow and it took around 20 seconds to send a single page message in which time you couldn't do anything else.

My new phone the Nokia 1661 however sends messages in 1 second and isn't crammed full of applications. I never accidentally go on the internet and run up a bill of £3.00 because I cant. I don't send pictures to my friends because it doesn't have a camera. I now can use my phone whilst walking and talking to someone on it, and texting is simple because I now have buttons . It even has a flash light on it!. True I don't get those kodak moments but Im sure they guy behind me got it (Ill facebook him later).

I propose we all ditch our magicpicturenoisybrowertouchscreenbluetoothorganiservideomessagercallergadget
and go old school. Isn't vintage the thing these days?

PS. Until I can afford an iPhone.

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