Sunday, 8 November 2009

"This is what a Honda feels like"

When you think of a Honda you most probably think "QUALITY". In my opinion Honda have some of the best advertising out there. The reason there adverts are so good is because they really understand what people are attracted to.
As a young designer I have been triked into thinking that design is all about how something looks. But it turns out that people are a lot deeper than we think. Even if they themselves don't know it. I discovered this during research for my current project furniture design. In which I have been investigating the attachment people form with their personal objects. This was something I plan on focusing on in my design process using the knowledge of the joe public's weaknesses for inanimate objects to manipulate a sense of pride in a piece of furniture.
I have discovered that along with other things the sound and feeling an object gives is equally important as how it looks. Compare the turner on an old keyboard to a new and their is an obvious loss of character. The new supposedly better keyboard twists easily and irrationally between your fingers whilst the older keyboard's turner turns with sense of tension in your hands, it makes a sweet but low clicking noise that sharply vibrates between your fingers. This instantly makes you more engaged with the object and has connotations of durability and expense. Objects like this are more desired and people are more likely to form an attatchment to them. Maybe the older keyboard isn't quite as impressive looking as the new one, but surely whats on the inside is more important that the presentation case?. It may be an important aspect of design but unfortunately our consumers wont get a chance to feel the quality of these objects unless we have a visual aid to draw them in. The perfect solution to this is to incorporate the quality feeling and sound of the old keyboard and put it in the new modern looking one. A lot of designers are piking up on this now and we should see the quality of accessories return to our homes shortly.

Honda are using their knowledge of this to sell thousands of their products. Its interesting how the introduction to the Honda advertisement says " This is what a Honda FEELS like" when it never mentions the sense of touch throughout the entire duration of the commercial . Honda have sussed this link between sound, feel and quality and have played on it in these adverts. Thats what makes them so successful and when you think of a Honda you most defiantly think "QUALITY".

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