Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Gathering Evidence Homework

Andersen, KN ,The Use of Facebook in National Election Campaigns: Politics as Usual? , 2009.

This text describes social networking actively working as a means of communicating to others out-with a tangible social circle.

Bruce, Fraser, Making connections : an exploratory study in product innovation through an analysis of Social Networking.

This text discusses how social networking is a good way of connecting with others.

Calder, BJ, An Experimental Study of the Relationship between Online Engagement and Advertising Effectiveness, 2009.

A description of the effectiveness of online advertising through social networking sites.

Eberts M. and Gisler M, 2004, Careers For Financial Mavens And Other Money Movers, McGraw-Hills

This Book is a self help book to help financial mavens find the right job.

Friese G, Social media in EMS. Social media and Social Networking offer new opportunities to communicate with those inside and outside your organization, EMS Magazine 2009 Sep 38 (9), 39-45.

This text shows that social networking is a great way to get connected with people from all walks of life.

Galeotti A. and Goyal S, 2007, Law OF The Few, University Of Essex Department Of Economics

This Journal documents the findings of a social experament to find the connectors amoungst a group.

Linda D. Molm Nobuyuki Takahashi Gretchen Peterson, Risk and Trust In Social Exchange: An Experimental Test of a Classical Proposition, 2000.

This text discusses the importance of trust and how gaining a persons trust has a possitive impact on an individuals life.

No Author, Advertising. USMES Teacher's Resource Book, Preliminary Edition. 1974.

Discusses the best method of advertising and the way our brains are programed from a young age to be atracted by certain things.

Yakir, A, Medical students' attitudes to the physician's oath, 1998.

This text talks about the relationship between attitude and progress.

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