Friday, 25 September 2009


I went to see Thomas Hirschhorn's Its Burning Everywhere exhibition at the DCA on Tuesday. I must say i didn't relay like it. It all seemed a bit unfinished and too busy. I think if he had separated the exhibition it would have had greater impact. For example there was a beautiful tree ironically made out of paper placed in the centre of the room, which was supposed to have fallen down. It looked great but at the same time you were being confronted with a massive pile of mannequins. I found it all too .

When you entered you were confronted with a load of gory images which had all been very crudely sellotaped to a piece of card. The whole exhibition had a feeling of cheapness and no effort had been put in to make it neat, it was all very crafty. This was probably deliberate but I found this distracting too.

However it was clear that the exhibition had taken a long time to preppier and had been thought about a lot. so well done Thomas Hirschhorn.

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