Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Response To "Understanding Bourdieu"

I still don't understand Bourdieu. However I do understand Jonathan Baldwin, thank god!. Thanks to his translation of the book I feel i understand the main themes of his work. He was very objective and understood that people of different classes and backgrounds had different tastes and took different paths in life, not just because it was in their genes but rather in the jeans. The type of people they grew up with, the environment they were accustomed to all contributed to the way they dressed and they things they did. Its the whole nature nurture argument again. An example of this might be a teenager who likes Gothic music. By being around others who listen to the same music and dress a certain way they are more likely to dress similarly, to fit in and because it is expected. Although they think that they are being individuals by not dressing like everyone else in the world, they are really fitting a mould for the group they belong to. These fashion trends change and with that comes waste.

It would be a good idea to consider this when designing. Trends will always happen, and this is what makes things disposable. If we as designers want to design long lasting products we have to make them timeless by not following fashion trends. It is quite difficult to get out of that box because we are surrounded by fashion. It is also dangerous because if people begin to like what you produce then that itself will have become fashionable. It might be a never ending circle but we wont know till we try.

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