Tuesday, 2 February 2010

assignment 1

For assignment 1 we were asked to find someone we didn't now and with a collection of photographs make assumptions about there life , family, background, class and many other things.
The person that i was investigating was a jewelry designer. This was the only thing i knew about her. From her photographs i managed to assume the following.

She had a lot of photos of her with her sister which made me think that she must be quite close to her.

The clothes she wore and the areas she was pictured in seemed wealthy, so from this I assumed she was reasonably wealthy.

Allot of the photographs were taken in sunny places which made me think that her family either go on holiday a lot or are from another country.

Photographs of her at the zoo and of family pets made me think that animals were extremely important to her and she really cared for them

In every picture she seemed to be dressed well which made me think that she must be very conscious of fashion.

Some photos showed her carrying bottled watter and playing with skipping ropes which made me think that she enjoyed sport and keeping herself healthy

One picture showed her near a boat and a separate picture showed her and her sister in bed with bed clothes covered in sailing boats. both photos together made me think that they may be involved with sailing some how.

She seems to be wearing a lot of pastel shades, perhaps they are her favourite colours.

Dressed in a religious gown in one of the pictures makes me assume that her family are religious.

Quite a lot of the pictures were taken outside and near flowers or wearing something flowery which made me think she had some attachment to flowers and the outdoors.

This is how I did.

"i am from Poland and me and my family do go on holidays very often. also i am very close to my family and my little sister is one of my best friends ever. i do love animals, flowers and nature in general, if i could I'd probably stay in the countryside. and yes i do enjoy exercising and taking part in different sports, well maybe not so much anymore because there just isn't enough time. we used to go sailing quite a bit. also I'm addicted to fashion and sometimes fell like a total fashion victim"

i never thought i would have been even half right with my assumptions but I am extremely surprised how easy people are to read when you really try.

Its nice to feel different from everyone else and to be a bit unique sometimes.

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