Friday, 25 March 2011

Interior Environmental Design: Elective: Design For User Awareness (week 2)

 Hand in Hand' by Yen Wen Tseng

'Night Night' night light by Vanessa Hordies

This week I've been developing a brief and researching my chosen subject, 'Time'. I'm interested in the way we use our time and the different thresholds of time e.g. work/ relaxation. We don't seem to be very good at separating work time from relaxation time and when we do relax we have a sense of guilt which prevents us from fully relaxing. This cycle is not good for our minds, in order to work productively we need to relax productively. So I've decided to design an environment for someone who works from home. I want the environment to give the user a better sense of time passing so they can make better use of their time.
This week I've been looking into designers who help the user visualise time better.
I love this clock 'Hand in Hand' by Yen Wen Tseng which works much like a normal clock but with two extra arms linking the two common arms together. Each time of day has its own unique shape made by the extra arms. I like how this instantly gives you a visual of a certain time of day immediately making the user directly aware of time itself. I really want to achieve a similar thing in my environment.
Another influential idea is the 'Night Night' night light by Vanessa Hordies which mimics the shape of an hour glass. The sand slowly sifts through, gradually dimming the light and suggests naturally drifting off to sleep mirroring the way the sun does going from day to night.
Next week I plan to develop my knowledge of the way we work, the sort of things that influence our behaviour and are likely to induce relaxation or concentration. Whilst still seeking out examples of this smart design and designs based on the concept of time.
If you have any ideas or suggestions please leave a comment below.

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